Expanding the Relative Theory Fellowship

In a breakthrough public discourse, HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam revealed new expansions to the Theory of Relativity which was first explained by Albert Einstein. HDH boldly declared that the Theory of Relativity is not entirely the truth about reality. 

With the great truths of the Upanishad as the foundation, HDH expounded on the reality of intensity and continuity . He even explained that these understandings would allow humanity to discover a way to store electricity without reducing its intensity. 

The Abstract

100 years after the discovery of the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein, scientists are beginning to question if it is really the  apt understanding of reality. (Source). Many have been dedicated their entire careers to understanding this theory and its implications on our lives (Source 2). However, no conclusions have been made and researchers have to accept, with defeat, that they cannot fathom the universe beyond the limitations of Einstein’s theory of relativity. 

The answer lies in the sacred texts of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam decoded theses texts and gave the answer in His revolutionary talk on intensity and continuity. 

 KAILASA’s Pontifical Commission for Vedic Sciences now invites applicants for this exciting fellowship on the brink of theoretical physics.

This fellowship includes 

  • Research the vedic texts and sanskrit foundation for the spiritual knowledge on intensity and continuity. 
  • Literature review and presentation of the literature survey 
  • Building a research pool and collaborate with other universities for joint research 
  • Publishing and presenting the work in various relevant journals and conferences.